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e reader sleeve

E-reader Sleeve

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Travel Bag British Square

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Travel Wallet

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Follow me Bag Red

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Classic Flyer Bag Blue

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Cover Smartphone Large

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Cover Smartphone Small

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Cover Smartphone Medium

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B2L products are born from the brilliant intuition of a German designer who, during a trip by plane, had the brilliant idea of using life jackets on board airplanes as a textile to create innovative objects. Jackets and other recycled materials, such as those made from cargo and seat belts, are among the recycled elements he used to create a sustainable and modern line of bags, backpacks, and accessories. There is a large selection of products in the Fly Bags shop for those who frequently travel, those who want to protect smartphones and tablets with cases designed with functionality and waterproofing in mind, and those who love the environment and original and contemporary style. Since the brand was born in 2010, more than 145 tons of recycled materials from life jackets and other internal aircraft components have been employed to produce B2L bags and accessories.


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